ACV – stinky magic

Most of us have a daily schedule that we stick to. It’s not generally something that we have to think about, we just do it. Once something becomes a habit, it’s almost as if we are on auto-pilot. There are a few non-negotiables in my daily routine aside from showering and the steady humdrum of normal activities like working! In addition to the obvious necessities like fresh, whole food, water (lots of it) and exercise there are certain products that have become staples in my life that I cannot, and hopefully will not ever have to live without! These include; coconut oil, Juice Plus+, chia seeds and my answer for everything, Apple Cider Vinegar! Yay!! I just KNOW a few people have been waiting for this post! (You know who you are and one day I’ll get you to try this magical vinegar.)

Have you ever seen the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and thought those people were nuts about their Windex obsession? Step aside, Greeks! This girl has an obsession of her own and it’s infinitely zanier (aka more awesome) than yours! Apple Cider Vinegar. Yeah, you read it right. This is literally my go-to for everything! Digestive issues, weight loss, detox, ph balance, the flu, strep throat, acid reflux, kidney stones, skin irritation, hair loss, house cleaning, etc. The list goes on and on and on and on and on and … okay, okay. You get the point. I just get so stinking excited about this stuff! I drink it every single morning no matter what. I’m convinced it’s what helped with my horrible acid reflux (I eat hot sauce on my hot sauce so it’s imperative that nothing come in between me and spicy food). It has also helped with my joint pain. Yes, joint pain. Running is rough on the body. Word to the wise, if you’re going to give this healing tonic a try, do NOT smell it under any circumstances. We all have different noses but it smells like dirty feet to me. That should speak volumes for its powers, though. I certainly don’t want to drink or use something so pungent unless it really works. It’s important to get the raw, unfiltered ACV with the ‘mother’ still in it. I use Braggs and you can find it just about anywhere. I usually go to Publix or a health food store.


If you’re not convinced by my ranting and raving, check out the research. There are so many articles, blogs and pins dedicated to this stuff! I took the liberty of finding a few sources along with the link to the brand that I use. Here, here, here, and here! Also – keep reading for a few of my recipes in case you want to try it!

Daily morning drink:
(you can also drink up to 3 times per day for an energy boost)

6-8 ounces of water
2 tbsp. ACV
Honey to taste

I stopped mixing it with honey because I’m used to the taste. On some mornings I will use hot water and lemon with the ACV for a detox “hot tea” like drink. If you don’t have time to sip on this or you just really can’t stand the taste, I would suggest mixing the ACV with honey first (honey doesn’t mix well in cold water) then adding the water and chugging. I’ll do this if I sleep in and don’t have time to sip on the hot drink.

If I feel a cold coming on, I’m on the prevention train like white on rice!

2 garlic cloves
2 cups of water
2 large lemons
Honey to taste

Cut garlic cloves in half and boil in water. I usually only let it boil for a minute or so. Once you turn off stove and let it sit for a minute, remove the garlic and squeeze the lemons into the water. Add honey to taste. You can leave this the way it is (and drink it as many times as needed throughout the day) or you can do what I do and add 2 tbsp. of ACV and some cayenne pepper. Germs won’t survive that mixture for sure!!

Hair loss:

I recently had some issues with hair loss, or so I thought. Turns out I had hard water build-up because I wasn’t putting chemicals in the water treatment system. Oops. These little things slip my mind sometimes. ACV to the rescue!! After washing my hair with shampoo (I don’t use conditioner on these days), I will use a mixture of warm water and ACV as a “rinse” and massage it into my scalp. It helps clean the scalp of any build-up or residue you may have. I know some people who use more product than I would know what to do with. Well, here’s a way to help cleanse your hair of all the build-up! Sure, you’ll smell like a stinky salad for a bit and it’s not the most pleasant thing but if it’s worth it to you to have healthy, shiny hair you’ll find a way to deal with the … aroma.

Anyway, you get the point. You can put this stuff on everything! It’s so worth it! Try it out and let me know what you think, or share some of your own recipes if you have any. I have heard of people cooking with it or making a salad dressing but I drink it every morning so I don’t generally use it for much else food wise. I’m open to trying recipes if you have any suggestions.

Give yourself some time, though. I promise it gets better. Remember consistency, honesty, accountability and tenacity? These methods are even important when it comes to things like apple cider vinegar. If you’re not open to trying new things that could benefit your health you may be missing out on tons of nutritional advantages.

Good luck! And stay healthy, my friends!


  • Mady says:

    My dad has recommended Braggs organic to me before but I never knew all the benefits! This is awesome! Thank you for the insight!

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad I could offer a little more. I feel like I only scratched the surface of the benefits. This stuff is awesome!

  • Ashley Eagle says:

    I am absolutely in love with apple cider vinegar. Thank you for showing me how amazing this stuff is. I can already tell a difference in how I feel from drinking it 3x a day for only 2 days. I don’t need as much coffee to supply me with energy. I also just tried it as a hair rinse and it feels like weight has been lifted off my hair. Apple cider vinegar for life!

    • Nicole says:

      This makes me happy! Thank you for reading. 🙂 So glad it’s working for you and you weren’t repelled by the smell. There are too many benefits for me to ever give this up! ACV FOR LIFE!

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