Food Journal

Keeping track of your food is a good idea for a multitude of reasons.

I’m currently taking a nutrition course and so far it has been eye-opening. Speaking of taking courses, this is the very reason I haven’t posted in what feels like 10 years. I apologize for the lack of content… school and work have been taking up a significant amount of my time. I recently had to complete a 3-day food journal outlining everything I had to eat and drink, the time of consumption, as well as listing who I was with and what I was doing (work, school, etc.). I’m assuming this is to make us more aware of the fact that some of our food choices are impacted by social situations. The next assignment is to submit details for every single thing we ate or drank in that 3-day period from the amount of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, etc. to every vitamin and mineral contained in each item. We then have to analyze this based on the standards and assess what we may need to change in order to ensure we are getting all of the essentials. While this portion of the assignment will take some time, I have full confidence in the process. The assignment made me really understand what I was eating, how my diet was affected when around other people, and the fact that I need to pay attention to the vitamins and minerals I may be lacking.

I have had a few people ask me to post my journal, just so they can see what I eat on a daily basis and I am finally getting around to doing so. Of course, this 3-day journal is not how I eat every single day, but it certainly outlines some interesting factors that play a role in consumption (like how I eat fried food during trivia!). 

See below – I do realize that this is a very rough table but the formatting was driving me crazy so I just let it be!! You get the point! 🙂

What does your daily food intake look like? Try journaling for a few days to really gain perspective on how your day-to-day food and beverage consumption really looks!

Stay healthy, friends!

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