You’ll Never Change Your Life Until You Change Something You Do Daily … 

I’ve heard this phrase several times. I’ve even put it to the test, or so I thought, until I realized that I’m guilty of the worst kind of change. Sure, I change in positive ways all of the time but it never sticks. I’m a serial “changer”. I have all of these awesome ideas, things that I love to do and try, and  ways I enjoy helping others but the only constant in my life is that I keep my schedule so busy that I don’t have time to actually be consistent. If you’ll remember, Consistency is the C in “CHAT for Health”. Ummmm…. practice what you preach, lady! 

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Here are a few times I decided to implement positive change (and failed):

  • Example 1: Do yoga.
    It lasted a few weeks. (okay, I went twice and both accounts are on the blog here & here)

  • Example 2: Read 30 minutes EVERY day.
    Some days I read for 2 hours and then feel totally justified when I skip 3 days of reading.

  • Example 3: Training/Exercising.
    I miss the gym all of the time because I eat healthy and spend my “free” time helping others get fit or being social. Somehow I feel this is okay. However, it doesn’t make sense for me to skip the gym. If I’m constantly encouraging others to make time for what’s important, shouldn’t I be willing to do the same?

  • Example 4: Running.
    I love it but I only do it when I want to or have time. I don’t MAKE time. It’s so easy for me to help others with consistency and accountability but what I need to realize is that it’s taking a toll on my own routine because I don’t make my own health a priority.

It’s time to really get it together. Some people perform better with chaos and some excel with structure and organization. I’d say I’m somewhere in between. I’m structuring the less important areas of my life and being extra careful and consistent with them (social activities), all while putting my passions on the back-burner (nutrition and fitness). 

I’ve seen blog posts about the “28 things you need to do to be happy” or the “only 12 things you need to improve your life” but in reality, taking small steps to improve oneself is, in my opinion, the very best way to approach change. Once something becomes a habit, move onto the next thing. Trying to implement too many “changes” simultaneously can be traumatizing to your health because it’s overwhelming. You can’t help others if you’re not healthy. Take care of yourself first. The idea may sound foreign to a lot of people but it’s actually quite important. 

I’m going to propose a challenge, for myself and for you. Think about something you want and I mean REALLY want to do. Is it getting up 30 minutes early to get a quick workout in? Is it quiet time or meditation and/or reflection? Do you want to cook more? Make time for food prepping? Or, you can even choose something that you need/want to remove or limit from your life. Caffeine (pfft), negative thoughts, or bad friendships/relationships.

Make a conscious decision to focus on the ONE thing you want right now. I read recently on Forbes.com that it takes 21 days to form a habit and like three seconds to break one (okay, over exaggeration but that’s what it feels like). 


The first habit I plan to form is exercise. This may sound easy but I haven’t worked out consistently since November. Between starting a new job, moving twice, and the plethora of weddings, babies being born and birthday parties, my focus has not been on physical fitness. My “challenge” is to get a 30-minute workout in at least 3 days a week and running 1-2 days per week (can be on same day as other exercise). It can be yoga, HIIT, circuit training, lifting, etc. All I know is that my goal every day will be to get moving. Thirty minutes is a sufficient amount of time to focus and power through. I may even go longer some days but my goal should be attainable! 

Remember that everything in life is about balance. 

Let me know what your challenge is going to be!

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