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Life is pretty crazy but in the midst of the challenging moments is when you learn the most about yourself. If you’ve felt derailed lately by life events or a lack of motivation, it’s okay. Pay attention to the take-aways. There are ALWAYS take-aways. Whether this newfound knowledge is good or bad depends on how you react to said events; just know that you have the power to change things if you feel it is necessary.

Prioritizing the blog hasn’t been on my radar lately but someone asked me about it and I felt guilty for not sharing. What kind of example am I setting if I let my busy schedule (self-made, of course) get in the way of what I really love doing? I realize the importance of accountability since it’s part of my mantra and I finally admitted that once I got out of a routine, everything became jumbled. It’s important to note that even the most dedicated falter, so don’t beat yourself up if you too take this path. If you struggle with staying the course, remember why you decided to live a healthy lifestyle in the first place. When I say healthy I don’t mean just eating salads and attempting to murder calories at the gym. I’m talking about all aspects of health; mental, physical, emotional, all of it. Making small, attainable changes in each of these areas is far more sustainable than doing things you don’t enjoy and becoming someone you don’t really like being. Honesty is absolutely essential and it is most important to be honest with yourself first.

For the new year, I will start with a simple challenge for myself and you. Let’s put this acronym to good use and really make a change in our lives.

  • C – Be consistent in your routine. Seriously, this sounds easy but it’s one of the most difficult things to do. I’m going to level with you here… I HATE flossing. Actually, I despise anything that has to do with dental hygiene aside from brushing and oil-pulling. The dentist freaks me out and I don’t like the fact that they use tools on your teeth and put their fat fingers in your mouth. So, a small challenge for me is to be consistent in flossing. I’m going to challenge you to add something good to your routine. Don’t take anything away, we aren’t talking about reductionism here. Let’s focus on adding something positive, no matter how small!


  • H – Be HONEST with yourself because if you don’t, you’ll fail every time. Every. of. the. time. I’m going to be honest with the fact that I won’t floss every day but I’m going to make this an attainable goal and say 5 days per week. That’s a lot, but I know I can do it. When you are honest with yourself and don’t over-promise, you will definitely achieve your goals. This may sound extremely cliche, but I’m telling you it works.


  • A – Charts, graphs, journals and friends all help with accountability. I’m not going to tell you to hold yourself accountable by the same methods I do, just do what works for you. The buddy system generally works great for me so I report to someone every time I floss no matter how annoying it may be. If you choose to add an apple a day or walk 3 days per week, do your part in holding yourself accountable. It may even help to hold someone else accountable with their challenges. It could prove beneficial to see other people stay on track.


  • T – Do NOT give up. Do NOT be discouraged if you happen to miss a day. It’s not the end of the challenge and certainly not the end of the world. Have the tenacity to never quit even when it’s hard, especially when you feel you have “failed”. Set-backs are not a reason to quit. They are obstacles meant to test our strength and determination so don’t let them get the best of you.

I’m sharing this with you so that I will actually follow through. I challenge all of you to add something positive to your daily/weekly routine. Don’t judge your addition/change based on what others are doing. You know what you need more of in your life and that is where your focus should lie. Create the change you want to see. Be true to you and better yourself!!


Stay healthy, friends!

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