Personal Philosophy

“When you find your misery, you find your mission.”

I don’t recall the source, but I once heard someone say this and it challenged the way I think about everything. In a good way, of course. Like so many I struggled with finding my passion in life. I just wanted someone to point me in the right direction and tell me what to do! I’ll admit that although this quote resonated with me from the instant I heard it, I was reluctant to actually listen. Aren’t I supposed to do something that I love? After all that’s what life is about, right? Doing what you love? Grudgingly, I surrendered to the gnawing yet overwhelming feeling that I couldn’t shake. After years of struggling with health issues and trying to figure out a way to change my life mentally, physically, and emotionally, I knew it was time that I shared the knowledge with others by whatever means possible. I quickly learned that my misery was watching others struggle with health and balance but not doing anything about it! Being unhealthy can be debilitating and I know that my frustrations only lead to my newfound passion for helping others heal and/or hopefully avoid these problems.

So, my philosophy is to examine the miseries, the frustrations, the struggles in life, and to really listen to what they are revealing so that I may help others. Many times, when these feelings arise we can learn something from them instead of brushing them off as mere hindrances. Of course, I have to check myself daily because the frustrations can be overwhelming (traffic!). But I try to never forget that every single one of them is a lesson either about myself or those around me.

It’s important to have a philosophy in life to keep us going. A sense of purpose can make all the difference in revealing the meaning of life and making sure we don’t become engrossed in ourselves. I believe Robert Byrne said it best, “the purpose of life is a life of purpose.”


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