The Matter of the Blog Name


Why “CHAT”? I don’t know about you, but I am very forgetful at times and have found acronyms to be a helpful tool for recalling important details. When thinking of a name for my blog I wanted to ensure that it had something to do with health and happiness (duh). So, I decided to list the four things that help keep me on track with health, fitness, motivation, etc.


I know that without these four components I would be a wino couch potato (is that a thing?).

My goal is to help motivate and inspire a healthy lifestyle. I try to live my life based on what I call the three Hs: Health, Happiness and Honesty. You can have one without the others but in order to have a truly great balance all three must be present and constant in your life. Let’s throw a fourth H in there; Humor. Laughter makes everything better! Maybe Hops, too… Perhaps I should name it “the infinite list of Hs!”

I don’t want to bombard you with information on the blog so I’ll provide the Facebook Page as well as my recipe Pinterest board. You can follow my other boards associated with the type of material I want to share! I have labeled them on my account to include some of the blogs I read, research, recipes, workouts, etc.

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